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ASE yacc/lex parser

I have used the Bumblebee parser to create a simple to use function library to read complex ASE files. In doing this work I have seen that the ASE format is very complex, and so I can make no guarantees as to the ability of this code to handle all ASE files. Also, those of you with more professional experience with yacc/lec may wish to change my approach to error handling with the parser.

The parser and the accompanying code forms a small library within my hobby engine. It is open sourced code, and can be found in its entirety on Sourceforge at

The entry point to the code is contained in GE_ASE_Extract

The lex file

The yacc file

The C++ object that represents an ASE file's contents

Even if you do not wish to use this code I think you might find the contents of these files a very useful source of information when exploring the ASE file's layout and permutations.

You might also wish to have a look at the Unreal Converter code - its old and ugly though :-)